Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pintrest Challenge: Blog Stalking Style

So Kristen and I read Young House Love (link here)  and Bower Power (link here) fairly religiously. We think they are the greatest and I'm convinced that if we met them they'd like us and we'd all be friends. We have things in common! For example, my name is Katie too and I think I love bacon just as much as Katie Bower. I've always said that bacon is the candy of meats. Its wonderful. Anyways, we are two, single post-grads who had nothing to do on a Friday night so we not only decided to participate in the Pinterest challenge...we took it one (slightly creepy) step further. Since we'd love to be just like them, we took Katie and Sherry's Pinterest Challenge pics (link here)  and attempted to copy. Too bad it was 9:30 pm at night and I kept yelling "Kristen! We have no TREEEES!" We tried our best...

I felt like these need captions. Katie: "We pinned something we loved"
Kristen: "Katie & Sherry!"
Katie: "we wanna be just like you"
Kristen: "So on a Friday night two post-grads..."
Katie: "baked like rock stars"
Kristen: "and brushed our shoulder's off (gangsta style)"
we thought it looked like Sherry was brushin' her shoulders off Jay Z style (link here) 
                                                       I really hope you clicked the Jay Z link
We repeat...not creepy! 
 And I actually think Kristen looks like Sherry from Young House Love!! Do you see it?

After our impersonation attempts were over we finally decided to get on with the Pinterest baking. Kristen provided us with completely sexy pink sequins hats that we NEEDED to wear whilst baking.

We first attempted this  Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake (link here). I'll be honest, it didn't really turn out well. First, I was convinced that we had lemon juice but turns out we didn't and I was too lazy to go to the store at 10pm so we used lime juice. We thought we were totally brilliant at the time. It's kinda sorta pretty much the same thing! Right? Well, that made it taste more like a weak key lime pie. Secondly, I don't think there was enough strawberry swirl. And finally, we started some intense girl talk while it was in the oven and completely forgot about it, and the poor little guy burned to death. So all in all it was PinFail.


Swirling furiously

Consulting Pinterest

Our mixing champion

Then we did something simple...that we couldn't burn. Hershey Pretzel Pinterest (link here)

We melted Hershey's hugs and put an M&M in the middle. Easy, appealing, and yummy. I'm NOT a great baker so this was right up my alley. 

This picture is gross and sad. I imagine it's what I would look like if I was addicted to crack. We planned on cutting out the middle of the strawberries, dipping them in white chocolate, then filling them with cheesecake. But leave it to yours truly to burn the chocolate. I was so upset about it. 

I tried to prove to Kristen we could still eat the chocolate. 

Our hats. 

WE did fill the strawberries with cheesecake and dip them in graham cracker crumbs, and they turned out just lovely. I've had a pretty strict direct of cheesecake strawberries all weekend.

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  1. Bwahahahahahah. Hilarious squared. I love it.


    p.s. I totally see the resemblance.