Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dear Diry, Number One

This week I have been cleaning out and organizing closets at my house. This is one of those tasks that once I'm in the zone I am committed, I can't stop and I LOVE IT. I'm obsessed. I love throwing things out that I don't need/use anymore and I love finding old treasures. Finding some of those treasures has inspired a new blog post series I'll be doing called...

"Dear Diry" (pronounce [dur-re]) That's how I spelled diary in 3rd grade. I stumbled across my old diaries from 3rd, 4th, and 7th-8th grade. (apparently I gave it up 5th and 6th). I can't explain to you how hard I've laughed reading these. And sometimes when you're home alone and you are rolling on the floor laughing you feel like a loser. But they are that funny. Anyways, I want yall to meet 3rd grade and 4th grade Katie. She is amazing. So we'll be playing this game...Haaave you met 3rd grade Katie? Say it like this

So in chronological order I will periodically do a "Dear Diry..." post to share my childhood thoughts. Without further ado...

Here's the front and back cover. It was Lisa Frank and it was amazing. I was too lazy to go back up stairs and get the lock but this diary was locked up with a chunkin' MasterKey lock. This was serious business. So is the sweet alien sticker on the back. 

Serious. Business.


Dear Diry,
some time I fel like MY mom and dad are not my mom and Dad

22-year old Katie: I remember having this fear that I was adopted. 


I inagi I wus in the horse olipis

22 year old Katie: Allow me to translate. I imagine I was in the horse olympics. 

This is not the last time we will encounter my 3rd grade imagination. It involved horses a lot. And for the record, I haven't the slightest clue what the horse olympics are, but I wish I did.

Complete with illustration. 

Then something strange happens. My handwriting gets mysteriously better between 8-13-96  and 9-1-96. 
Katie J thinks that maybe before I was writing with my left hand and then figured out I was right handed. I have NO idea how my penmanship improved so quickly, but I'm not complaining.

8-13 translates to "my grandpa took me to see Pinocchio. The real one" (a version of Pinocchio that wasn't animated came out in 1996). And I'm really glad I deemed the day I found out I was getting a baby brother a happy one. 

We'll end this Dear Diry here. But, believe me those are not even close to the funniest ones :) 

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  1. Ohmygosh, I love this! I have all my old diaries too, but they're from like 8th grade and on. I still get great enjoyment out of reading them. Old "diries" are the best :)