Friday, September 2, 2011

First Bloggery

I've been saying I'll start my blog when I move home, get back from the vacation month that was August, and my physical therapy school apps are done. The latter is not QUITE true, but whatevs here I am! Finishing PT school apps will get its own glorious, joy filled blog post.

I feel weird about having a blog because I know my day-to-day life is not exciting, and I'm not blogging about DIY projects, motherhood, cooking, fashion, hilarity or anything remotely useful or interesting. People like me shouldn't have a blog. So why? Well, a few of my girlfriends and I decided to keep blogs to keep up with each other lives because we're all in different places now. I promise I'm not arrogant enough to think that anybody but you few gals will read it.

So why Semi Grad Bloggery? The other day I was thinking about how I don't feel like a "post grad". Sure, I graduated: check! Sure, I found a full-time job post graduation: check! Sure, I made the move away from College Station: check! But, ultimately, I want to go back to school for Physical Therapy so I don't really feel done. I don't really feel like I'm starting my life in the real world. I don't really feel like a big kid yet. Hence the SEMI. Sorta grad, half grad, Maybe grad?, and faux grad would have worked to. You get it.

So, now I find myself moved back in my parents house, not sure if/when I'll get into PT school, and completely single. completely. It's an unique time in my life. Unique is the only word I'm going to use for now. Unique is a mixed feelings and very loaded word right now. We'll just leave it at that. What I can say is that being home is where I need to be right now and I'm going to have to remind myself of that all the time. God is going to do something with this "unique" time and I'm really curious to see what those somethings are. Bring it.

All summer I had a on going list of Perks of Moving Home to psych myself up for this transition and to read it if/when things get rough on the home front to remind myself.  I think I'll share it with you. Now people, some of these things are BIG positives and some are so small you might think you want to maybe make fun of them. Don't. You might want to think they're dumb. They're not. Be nice to my list.  Behold ze list!

Reasons Why Home Might be Sweet:

1. Spend time with the Mom and Dad. I can't tell you how much the past year has made me appreciate this time. That may have to be another blog post entirely.
2. Spend time with the Brother. My broseph is 8 years younger to me. I think this next year is going to be AMAZING for our relationship and I couldn't be more excited. I want to be his friend. He's seriously a neat kid.
3. Watch the Broseph play high school sports. I want him to know his sister is proud of him.
4. Save ze monies. I'm paying for grad school. So home looks great
5. Close to Liv and her family. I love them.
6. Nice big bedroom and bathroom. After sharing bathrooms and rooms this will be niiiice. I shall miss Katie J and room sharing times. Those were the best.
7. I have Katie J and my 2 big girl teacher friends, Rebecca and Amelia, in Houston! So maybe I won't be a completely friendless ogre.
8. Time to read. I have not felt free to read in YEARS. I will have no school work or grad school apps pestering the back of my mind when I just want to spend an entire Sunday afternoon reading. SWEET GLORY!
9. A new car in the works, perhaps? I might get have to say good bye to Rhonda the Honda. More on that later.
10. Always having groceries. I can't adequately explain my hate for grocery shopping. Much like I can't explain my mother's strange love for it. It's what scientists would call a Symbiotic relationship.
11. Good coffee and creamer every morning. I don't plan on having coffee every morn but the option is nice. Dad makes sure of that.
12. Pool in our backyard. I heart that pool. We get along just fine.
13. DVR. Nuff said son!
14. Panera Bread a mile from my house. Katie J and I always said that College Station's greatest failure was not having a PB. I shall feast on that mac n cheese frequently.
15. Fun workout class at 24 fitness. I be up in the gym working on my fitness.
16. Time to write people letters. This is something that I used to do a lot early in college and I'd really like to do that this year. If you don't like snail mail something is wrong with you.

That is my list so far. I'll keep adding to it. I'm sure home will surprise me in a lot of ways, to which I say BRING IT. Ok, I'm feeling pretty accomplished with blog post numero uno.

Before I publish I just want to say that I have amazing friends and sometimes they just know the combination of a hippo pillow pet and flat Justin Bieber can actually make things seem less sad. Tanks Kblay and Katie J. When Katie J gave it to me she said "He's wearing a tux because he knows your worth it." She's funny.

Justin Bieber and the Gospel of John have been good for the soul lately. Who knew that combo would be so great? And just so we're clear...yes, I know I'm 5 years older than JB and no, I don't want him like that. I just wish we were friends. I've watch his movie 9.5 times. I dare you to watch it and not be Team Biebs after.

Upcoming Posts:
Adventures of New Orleans, New Braunfels, New York/Brooklyn/Cape May, NJ, Georgia, and Longview TX. I have only been home 5 days the month of August. Twas insane and amazing.




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