Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blog O' Pictures

I haven't done a post in a while so I thought I'd let pictures and captions do the talking :] I will say this though...I cannot wait for Fall. I want the cold. I want scarves. I want boots. I want hats. I want to watch football in the cold. I want soup. I needs it all!! Cometh cold front :)

Amanda, Liv, and Katie J: Out to dinner for Liv's Bday! Its a place that only serves Mac n Cheese dishes. Amazing. 

lurve them :]
Then we went for cupcakes 

After dinner and cupcakes we went to a bar in Houston that has private karaoke rooms. I cannot begin to explain how fun this is. I want to do it everyday!

Katie J 

Naturally, we had props

Too. Much. Fun

Nicole, me, Liv, Diana

Me saying goodbye to Rhonda. Little did I know that in about  2 minutes I would get the news that there was an issue with the bank loan and I would not be able to take my new baby car home. Rhonda LIVES! 

Bye Rhonda. She was good to me. She was a hardy steed. Surviving flash floods, large tree limbs, and roommate driving :]  Apparently she'll be going to Mexico :/
Katie J saying goodbye

Me! In my new car! Finally! I love him! I realize there are no pictures of the actual car. I shall work on that.
This is Oliver, our office fish. I've never seen a fish more spoiled. 

Woe, despair, and devastation. We planned to go to the Texas State fair to let our inner elementary selves go crazy to some Hanson. They cancelled the night before because they got "sick". Booo, you whore, Indeed!
Despite our disappointment we went anyways and had a lovely time. Fried shat everywhere! And no I could not bring myself to experience Fried Butter 
Ugly Mo
Fried S'more! 

Very excite

This was a real pumpkin!
Kristen: "I don't understand why this isn't a point of interest on the map! People NEED to see this!" 

I copied. It was too cute. 

Statues O' Butter!!
Como say what?! Yes, made entirely of butter

The one "ride" we did was a fun house called Bubble Town. Did we know it was called Bubble Town before we paid to go in? Nah. It wasn't until we got to the end hallway that was completely covered in bubbles that we realized our messy mistake. The girl in the pink shirt on the left (with bubbles in her hair) was "part of the attraction". She hung out in the bubble tube of doom and terrorized people with bubbles. Kinda had to be there to appreciated how funny it was. 

She's so hot. And she's gonna be a hot nurse. My friend got into nursing school! 

Me, Eliza, Kristen, Amanda, and J celebrating Kristen and her hotness/getting into nursing school

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