Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dear Diry: 4th Edition

For you're entertainment...


dear diry,

we had a sud today 
his name is Mr Young
he is so quit and his handwriting is wors then mine
he wocks like a robot 

"we had a sub today. His name is Mr. Young. He is so quiet and his handwriting is worse than mine. He walks like a robot." 

Bashing the sub...nice. 


dear diry, 

I had the most wonderful day of my life
Clay Hollend said he likes me. 
I told him I liked him to. So we,re not emberiss 

I heart this post! Me and Clay liked each other and we were NOT embarrassed!! I actually like 3rd grade Katie's version of embarrassed. Its a lot more fun to say emberiss. We was not emberrissed, we was not ashamed, and we was likin' each other. Congrats to you, 3rd grade Katie. 

*the picture of this post wasn't great. The lighting was weird and you couldn't read the page*


dear diry 

Clayton likes me I can't belive it
I like him to

I have a terrible, terrible memory but I actually remember the feeling of Clayton liking me back. Twas glorious. Haha 3rd grade Katie thought it was love. She's so cute. 

I can't even really tell you what this post says but its full of anger and aggression. As far as I can tell I was upset with one of my friends, vented to my diry and wrote mean things, then later felt bad and slashed through it with my pencil. 

That's all for now! 

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